03 November 2023

Illbruck UK: Have you been barking up the wrong tree?

In today’s building façade construction industry; architects, specifiers, main contractors and distributors are faced with a range of products suitable for the protection of the built-up wall. But Illbruck UK poses the question – ‘have you been barking up the wrong tree?’


22 July 2020

Ready-mix or powdered tile adhesive: what’s the difference? Saint-Gobain Weber ask

Ready-mix and powder adhesives have their advantages and disadvantages. The real difference is in the chemistry of how the products dry. But what does that mean in practice? Saint-Gobain Weber explains…

Saint-Gobain Weber

01 June 2020

Selecting the best flexible tile adhesive with Saint-Gobain Weber

Depending on the type of tiles used, the substrate, and its surrounding environment, it is crucial to choose the right tile adhesive for the job; Saint-Gobain Weber explains how to choose the best flexible tile adhesive for each project.

Hilton Banks

12 August 2019

HB42 All-in-One launches in 400ml Eco-Foils

Hilton Banks has launched its best selling HB42 All-in-One Sealant and Adhesive in 400ml Eco-Foils, removing the environmental problem of disposing of the single use plastic cartridge.