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Things That Can Damage Your Air Conditioning Unit – Contour

  • 15 Feb 2021

This piece from Contour focuses on what can damage your air conditioning unit, so that you are consciously aware of how to avoid these causes.


Within public settings, damage and vandalism can occur as many walks of life enter these buildings. General wear and tear occur quicker in public settings, as many individuals are passing past air the units daily.

When vandalism occurs and the air conditioning unit starts to become weaker, sharp pieces are more prone to be mishandled and used as weapons to injure others. 

When this happens, air conditioning units can become dangerous and could cause serious harm to individuals.

To avoid this from occurring, look for an air conditioning guard that is made to be robust with strong material and opportunities to add strengthening properties, if your specific needs require it.


If your unit has been positioned in the way of falling objects, spillages or blocking passages, then damages can occur.

When your guard is positioned in a place where many people walk past it or where the door hits, you will see destruction in your units take place quickly.

Even if you opt for an air conditioning guard that is made to last, it is salient to consider your positioning of the unit to avoid the reparations that can occur.

Spillages Or Items Getting Trapped

When spillages occur or items get trapped in your air conditioning unit, it can limit the amount of airflow you receive, as well as damage the parts inside.

It is essential to consider where your unit is positioned and how easy it is to wipe down, in order to minimise the risk.

Dirt In Filters

Filters in an air conditioning unit are responsible for filtering the dust particles that are found inside. When dirt is built, it will ultimately affect the system when cooling and heating.

When this dirt clogs, it can cause serious damage and can be expensive to repair.

Poor Maintenance 

Thorough maintenance is essential to elongate the life span of your unit. If you have a standard air conditioning cover, you may require some additional help to get into the unit for cleaning and maintenance.

For cleanliness and maintenance of dirt and dust, search for an air conditioning guard that provides easy access to optimise hygiene

With this, you can ensure your unit is clean and maintained regularly to avoid the possibility of replacing your unit every so often.


These are a few things that you should be made consciously aware of to avoid having to replace your damaged air conditioning units regularly.

An air conditioning guard can be extremely handy to extend the lifespan of your air conditioning unit and protect it.

Contour work with you to decide the best bespoke guard for your needs, whether this is wall/floor mounted or a flat panel.

For protection, Contour air conditioning guards are made in Zintec protected steel in various gauges from 1.5mm-2mm to offer a strong guard to shield your units.

If your environment is a mental health unit or any other public space where extra strength may be needed, Contour can provide a strengthening strut to provide the front of the cover additional depth.

For anti-ligature features, Contour’s guards are made to be anti-ligature with safe edges and IP3x grilles to reduce injuries.

To ensure peace of mind, all guards are protected with a five-year warranty against defects in workmanship and materials for five years from the purchase date.

Contour’s air conditioning guards can provide you with a robust, hygienic solution to protect your air conditioning units. These units allow for a 23% open area for airflow with the IP3x grille and the standard grilles have a higher open air flow.

However, to avoid air loss, it is recommended that plenum is built once the air conditioning guard has been supplied.

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