Three Things That Make A Contour LST Radiator Cost Effective

  • 22 Apr 2022

This piece from Contour explores some key factors that make low surface temperature radiators a great choice for cost-effective projects.

LST Radiators With Split Delivery

Have you ever turned up on site after a solid day’s progress, only to see some of your hard work in a state of disarray? Maybe the painter took a radiator off the wall and didn’t put it back, or maybe the plasterer covered the holes created for the first fix?

Whatever it is, it can set your project back and can mean you’re paying for more time.

low surface temperature radiator is available with split delivery does help solve this problem.

Firstly, it means you get the parts when you need them as the project progresses. You don’t need to worry about the cost of storing low surface temperature radiators. When it’s time to fit the front panels, they’ll be delivered, when the emitter is needed, it’ll be delivered. This streamlines the entire process and makes everything run more efficiently.

On top of that, it stops multiple trades from getting in each other’s way. Everything can be delivered and installed in the correct order, cutting down labour costs and smoothing out road bumps.

Is Your LST Radiator A Single Piece Construction?

One piece of metal means less to pay upfront, too.

The more parts your LST radiator is constructed from, there will naturally be more cost required in the manufacturing and assembly process. Finding a single-piece construction low surface temperature radiator is a fantastic way to keep costs at a minimum.

Whether half, single, or double fin, something like the Covora Lite LST radiator helps you meet those ‘cost effective’ project goals. Punched and folded from a single piece of steel, all that’s required is the end panels to be fitted (available off the shelf) and you can get started.

Cleaning Costs Are Saved with Low Surface Temperature Radiators

Hygiene, cleanliness, and bacteria. After the past 24 months or so, you’re probably sick of hearing about them. Despite this though, the world’s changing and there is an all-new focus on how hygienic products can be.

This extends to low surface temperature radiators and how they can be cost-effective over their lifespan as well as for the installation as a whole.

BioCote is just a start when it comes to helping keep costs down. Combatting 99.9% of all harmful bacteria and microbes comes as standard in all Contour Heating products.

Depending on the LST radiator model you opt for, cleaning costs can also be saved. DeepClean LST radiators for instance provide an innovative drop-down design making cleaning far more efficient.

This is the time that is saved over the duration of the radiator’s life.

Your Cost-Effective LST Radiator

There’s a lot more. There’s always more. But the main takeaway should be that your low surface temperature radiators can be cost-effective, too.

Whether you’re looking at domestic radiator installations, or installations in the public sector such as schools, nurseries, or hospitals, low surface temperature radiators can help you meet your financial requirements.

What’s more, it’s not at the loss of quality either.

A low surface temperature radiator such as CovoraCovora Lite or any other DeepClean low surface temperature radiator options helps increase hygiene standards and overall quality to no end.

Interested in cutting costs and helping increase safety and hygiene standards? Cost-effective LST radiators are where you should start. Speak to our team today.

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