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Verging on Perfection: Danelaw’s Verg Family

  • 14 Jul 2021

The verge is generally the location on a roof where the tiles end at the gable. This is a potential point of weakness in the weatherproofing of the roof. Hambleside Danelaw produce a variety of solutions to meet the requirements for the securing and weatherproofing of various tile types.

Verge systems prevent water ingress and resist wind uplift. The company’s mechanically fixed dry verge systems eliminate the need for mortar in both new-build and refurbishment applications.

All of its dry verge systems are tested for wind uplift resistance as required and comply with the BS 8612 Standard for dry fixed roofing products.

Hambleside Danelaw

Danelaw Dry Fix Verge Systems for Tile Roofing

Hambleside Danelaw produce a range of tile verge units that offer a straightforward way to remove the need for mortar and allow for a secure application to the roof.

There are five types of interlocking verge systems…

 – InVerg®. The unique and patented design in the Verg family is suitable for single and double cambered concrete and clay plain tiles at batten gauges 88mm to 104mm.
 – IDV. Hambleside Danelaw’s original interlocking dry verge, which suits most large format single lap concrete tiles between 260 & 355mm batten gauges.
 – TIDV. Suits all large format thin leading edge concrete tile types between 260mm and 355mm batten gauges.
 – MidVerg20. The newest addition to the Verg family to suit flat concrete and clay tile types of intermediate size between 200 and 260mm batten gauges.
 – MiniVerg. Designed to suit all single lap interlocking plain tile types between 170mm and 200mm batten gauges.

All of Hambleside Danelaw’s verge units are UV stabilised and manufactured in a range of colours. These are:

 – Antique Red
 – Black
 – Brown
 – Slate Grey
 – Terracotta

They are complimented by a selection of eaves starter units to suit, batten end clips for nail fixing and ridge end caps for round and angle ridge tiles. Check Hambleside Danelaw’s compatibility chart for more information on our interlocking Dry Fix Verges.

Danelaw Verges For Slate Roofing Danelaw also manufacture continuous GRP verges for slate roofing which provide neat weather protection for new and re-roofing applications or for retro-fit situations.

Requiring no special components at junctions, continuous verges can be fitted in all weather. They are manufactured from GRP and come with a 30-year service life guarantee.

GRP is an incredibly versatile thermoset material, meaning it is generally much more durable and less affected by heat and is more thermally stable than other plastics, so will not warp or buckle in normal operating temperatures. In addition to this, GRP verges have no scrap value to thieves, meaning your roof can remain secure in more ways than one!

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