Wavin’s new AquaCell tank speeds up installation whilst combatting excess rainfall

  • 14 Dec 2022

To help manage excessive rainfall and improve climate resilience, leading plumbing and drainage solutions provider, Wavin, has expanded its innovative AquaCell range of attenuation tanks with the addition of the new AquaCell NG.

The geocellular crate system allows surface water to be stored and then gradually released back into the ground or sewer network at a controlled rate, helping to alleviate risks of surface water build-up and flooding.

This helps to manage excessive rainfall but can also play a role in closing the water loop, ultimately mitigating the impact of water scarcity.

The new system is produced using 100% recycled polypropylene and, in order to boost sustainability across all stages of a project, is fully recyclable at end of life. AquaCell NG is more compact in transport and storage than other crate systems.


The design of the lightweight stackable units allows for significant space savings meaning site storage, logistics and transportation is dramatically reduced, in turn offering significant environmental benefits due to fewer vehicles being required on site.

For construction sites where space is limited, like those in dense urban environments, the compact design of AquaCell NG allows for easier on-site storage, helping to mitigate potential hazards associated with a crowded site.

The innovative modular system can be installed efficiently, minimising the amount of time spent in the excavation area which further improves on-site safety for construction teams.

Martin Lambley, Urban Climate Resilience Product Manager at Wavin, says: “Climate change has resulted in increased levels of rainfall across the UK.  These sharp, heavy bursts of rain can often result in our water networks becoming overwhelmed, as a lot of our traditional infrastructure is not designed to cope with this pressure.

“Attenuation tanks, like those in our AquaCell offering, can capture and store excess rainwater, releasing it in a controlled way through infiltration, ensuring networks can cope.

“This helps to mitigate the effects of floods at times of heavy storms, ultimately improving stormwater management in urban environments.”


AquaCell NG is also available through Wavin’s comprehensive StormForce service. Developed to streamline the stormwater management supply chain, StormForce takes care of the various facets of surface water infrastructure, including the design, supply and installation of its sustainable drainage systems (SuDS).

It simplifies project management, increases efficiencies, and minimises the risks for contractors and developers as quality and compliance is always guaranteed.

Martin adds: “As a business, we are constantly striving for innovation and looking for ways to improve our impact on the built environment. Attenuation tanks like the AquaCell range will continue to be key in coming years, as the impact of climate change increases pressure on our drainage systems through increased instances of heavy rainfall.

“By offering a lightweight version through our StormForce service, we are ensuring that as many projects as possible can benefit from our robust attenuation tanks.”

For more information, visit: https://www.wavin.com/en-gb/nextgen

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