Magnetic filter improved for fluid-based heating systems

  • 17 Jul 2015

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The latest intaKlean magnetic filter has been re-developed to deal with contamination problems that are caused by rogue particles in fluid-based heating systems, such as boilers.

intaKlean 2 features a double gauze filter, which works to capture non-ferrous debris and eliminate trapped air.

Non-ferrous foreign matter is caught and retained within the gauze as the fluid circulates around the filter body. Meanwhile, the remaining ferrous debris is attracted to the neodymium magnet, which is located in the centre of the filter.

With full bore butterfly valves, the intaKlean 2 allows for in-line installation without restricting water flow.

The magnet can be removed whilst the system is live, which enables an easy cleaning process.

However, the filter’s anti-blockage design allows for continuous flow, even if it has not been serviced.

Benefits of magnetic filters

Inta’s technical team recommends fitting a magnetic filter to all new boiler systems, as well as existing heating systems. It has established a list of reasons why:

  • The mesh gauze on the filters can capture debris that has been created from the corrosion of copper, zinc, aluminium and other non-ferrous material components.
  • Meanwhile, the filters’ magnets work to capture debris from corrosion of iron or steel components.
  • By catching this debris and sludge, the filters can help to prevent costly damage to heat exchangers, radiators and pumps. This can help the heating systems to run at maximum efficiency, reducing energy consumption by up to 6% a year.
  • As well as extending the life of systems, the filters can reduce carbon emissions, whilst offering chemical dosing.
  • Designed to allow for quick cleaning and servicing, the magnetic filters can be fitted anywhere within a heating system.

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