New operator-assist system launched for reach trucks

  • 5 May 2015

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In the past year, sales for Linde reach trucks that lift heights over eight metres has increased from 38% to 52% – the trend is expected to continue as demand increases for higher storage racks in warehouses and distribution centres.

Dynamic Mast Control (DMC) is designed to support the increased demand placed on the operator.

Dynamic Mast Control

Dynamic Mast Control (DMC) is designed to support the increased demands this places on the operator.

With a fully raised mast, the dynamic mast oscillations during reach movements are more pronounced, particularly when heavily loaded. In addition, the forward deflection of the mast increases.

The Linde DMC system has been developed to compensate and minimise mast oscillations and mast deflection through precise and seamless counter-movements of the reach carriage.

Using minimal battery energy, DMC enables operators to store pallet loads faster, accurately and more safely – without suffering the waiting times associated with mast oscillations and deflections.

Due to the accurate planning of the load, the forks will always be fully inserted into the pallet on the first approach. This allows for faster cycle times whilst eliminating the risk of damage to the rack or the load stored behind.

To control the dynamic oscillations and deflections of the mast as smoothly and effectively as possible, Linde MH opted for a precise and energy-efficient electric linear actuator as opposed to a hydraulic system.

An additional benefit of an electric linear actuator is the simultaneous lift and reach feature without speed reduction.

Linde are hoping its latest innovation will provide a valuable new tool for customers aiming for efficient and cost-effective logistics delivered safely and on time.

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