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Five Things Homeowners Should Do Now for a Worry-Free Summer

  • 18 May 2021

Summer is the season when you want to enjoy your house and the area around it. Throwing cookout parties in your backyard, spending more time in the garden, and just making your home a spacious and healthy place to live in. Fortunately, there are several things you can do now to reduce the number of jobs when the summer comes.

Tasks you can do in advance include AC repairs, checking the attic and garage (before it’s too hot), preparing garden tools and equipment for lawn care – and there is more!

In this article, you will find five home maintenance tips you can do right now to make your summer jobs less stressful and tiresome and the summer itself more enjoyable.

Fix Leaky Faucets and Showerheads

Toilets are notorious for leaking water, but did you know that a leaky faucet in the kitchen can lose even up to 10 gallons of water per day? The same goes for a showerhead – the average showerhead can waste up to 30% of the volume of water used, which amounts to over 200 gallons of water wasted per month.

The only way to stop a leak is to repair or replace the fixture. Even if you don’t notice any leaks, you should still check your faucets and showerheads regularly. This is to make sure that they do not become a problem later on.

Fix Fading Wood Deck and Take Care of Outdoor Furniture

While it’s true that weather conditions in summer may affect the condition of your outdoor, there are things you can do to prevent damage or at least minimise it.

Before cleaning and putting away your deck furniture in winter, check for loose joints and screws – and fix if necessary. Replace any damaged parts before storing everything away. 

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To fix a fading wood deck, clean furniture with warm water, a mild dish soap and a soft bristle brush. After drying with a towel, apply mineral oil or lemon oil to keep your furniture looking beautiful all year round.

Repair Leaky Roofs and Gutters

While you don’t need to repair or replace your roof unless it is damaged, you need to check it regularly. Make sure the shingles are tight and water-sealed, and if you see any leaks, patch them as soon as possible. This way, you can avoid future, more serious problems.

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Having a clean and clear gutter system is important as well. Harsh weather conditions can cause tree branches or other stuff to fall into your gutters. This can cause damage, as pieces of debris can pile up, making water spill over onto your roof and walls. Clean your gutters regularly to ensure that your house is in top condition.

Check AC System and Replace Filters Regularly 

It’s always good to make sure your AC system is in working order before summer comes around. The first step will naturally be checking if there is any visible damage to the AC unit itself. However, you shouldn’t also forget about the filters. According to statistics, most of the air conditioning systems fail due to neglected maintenance rather than actual defects in the equipment itself.

Check your AC filters once a month during summer. If they are dirty, clean or replace them. If you don’t forget about that, there’s a high chance that you’ll stay cool and comfortable during the hotter months.

Clean Out Your Attic and Garage

Ensure that your attic and garage are clean before summer starts. This will protect you from bugs, fire hazards, and mess. After all, when your storage space is organised, it’s easier to find something you need quickly. Make sure to get rid of all the unnecessary stuff to free up the room and take care of the fire hazards. Arrange all the old clothes, toys, and other items, place the candles or Christmas lights in a separate box, and dust the place.


Spring is the cleaning season, but not many people like the idea of spending all their time dusting the house or fixing the pipes. After all, it’s a lot more pleasurable to take your grill out of the garage and organise the first barbecue of the year. However, there are several things you can’t allow yourself to neglect.

Spring cleaning and maintenance allow you to get prepared for summer and spend the warmer months completely worry-free. If you forget to inspect your essential systems like the AC or delay the roof repairment, you may spend much more time and money taking care of it later. So while it seems boring, make a checklist (we hope this article helps), and get going. 

Fix those leaky faucets, check the roof, replace the filters in the AC, clean your garage and attic. Do this and make sure that your summer is all about relaxing and enjoying the sun. 

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