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22 July 2020

Aiding safe schooling in the wake of COVID-19 with Contour

To help aid the safe return to school for staff, children and visitors, Contour’s latest innovation, The Health Check Station, has been specifically designed to help control the spread of the virus. 

  • 22 July 2020


26 June 2020

Contour: Can you personalise the Health Check Station?

Contour have explored the personalisation options available to you and your organisation, should you choose to purchase one of the company’s Health Check Stations.

  • 26 June 2020


24 June 2020

Things to consider when checking employee temperature – Contour

Many companies have introduced temperature checking before employees enter their workplace as a way of controlling the spread of COVID-19; to help enable this effective practice, Contour has introduced The Health Check Station. 

  • 24 June 2020


15 June 2020

Contour introduces new Health Check Station

As the UK workforce commences its gradual return to normality, Contour is excited to introduce its latest product to the market – the Health Check Station. 

  • 15 June 2020