CMS Window Systems
IG Elements

07 February 2019

Shaping the Future of Offsite Construction with IG Elements

IG Elements is continuing to invest in offsite efficiency to help house builders meet ongoing challenges of labour availability.

Keystone Lintels

23 January 2019

Pennyfarthing Homes’ views for 2019 with Keystone Lintels

Keystone Lintels has asked Dan Corcoran, Senior Buyer at Pennyfarthing Homes, if they are predicting growth in the year ahead.

IG Lintels

05 December 2018

Airtech helps landlords tackle mould and condensation

Airtech has developed a comprehensive service over the last 25 years to offer landlords solutions to overcome the problem of mould and help create healthy homes for residents.

Homebuilding and Renovating Show
Actuated Valve Supplies

30 May 2018

The first six months of the industry year, summarised by Actuated Valve Supplies

Actuated Valve Supplies have summarised the first six months of the year from a construction point of view, mentioning the woeful weather encountered.

Freeman Homes