Drybase Flex Membrane from Safeguard Europe offers easy installation damp proofing

  • 7 Jul 2023

When damp and salt contamination threaten the walls of a building, you need a highly durable and flexible physical damp-proof membrane that is quick to install and can perform to the highest standard. Safeguard Europe‘s Drybase Flex Membrane is a damp-proof and salt-resistant low-profile membrane for protection against moisture ingress in walls. The membrane is a 1 mm thick flexible polyethylene sheet and has polypropylene fleece layers laminated to both sides. It can be easily applied to walls using the specially formulated Drybase Flex Adhesive. 

A colour-coded polypropylene fleece lines both sides for easy installation:

 – Adhere the black fleece layer to the wall
 – Apply plaster atop the grey fleece layer

A black fleece layer ensures good adhesion to the wall by means of Drybase Flex Adhesive, while the grey fleece layer ensures a strong bond to the plaster.

Safeguard Europe’s Drybase Flex Membrane System is entirely drill-free for the least disruptive installation possible. Plugs aren’t necessary thanks to Drybase Flex Adhesive. Ensure you’re getting an authentic Drybase product with the logo stamped on the grey fleece layer.

Drybase Flex Membrane top tips:

 – Mix the adhesive using 2.9 l water to 10kg of adhesive and apply an approximately 2mm thick coat 

 – Overlap and seal joints correctly with a 50mm overlap using the adhesive to maintain the continuity of the damp proofing between the wall and the slab

 – Remove any excess adhesive with a damp cloth 

 – Never puncture or damage the membrane during installation, as it may compromise its effectiveness. Remember, plugs aren’t necessary with Drybase Flex Membrane

 – Always use a clean trowel or roller to ensure full contact between the adhesive and the membrane removing any air pockets

 – Make sure to trim off any excess membrane at the edges for a perfect fit to the wall 

 – Coat Drybase Flex Membrane with suitable bonding plaster

 – Always remember – never rely solely on physical damp-proof membranes if there are other structural issues causing dampness


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