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Hambleside Danelaw’s Dryseal – complimented by a green roof

  • 2 Aug 2022

Dryseal, Hambleside Danelaw’s BBA certified flat roofing system manufactured from GRP, is environmentally sound, leaving no chemical residue once installed.

The system is incredibly durable, suitable for finishing with a green roof and offered with a guarantee to remain leak-free for 20 years.

As plants naturally reduce airborne particulates, trap carbon, and produce oxygen, extensive planting within cities is now widely recognised as an excellent way of improving air quality.

Additionally, as green roofs can support habitats for a wide variety of creatures, such as birds, bumblebees, and butterflies, they can also make a significant contribution to reducing polluting air particles not only through the plants themselves, but also through the type of growing medium. 

The method of manufacture, component chemicals and long-term environmental impact of the membrane itself can be as significant as the benefits of a bio-diverse green roof.

Hambleside Danelaw

There is no doubt that green roofs can be a visually appealing addition to any home.  These additions also come with a whole realm of benefits.  In this article, Hambleside Danelaw outline key areas which could benefit from the installation of a green roof…


Instead of water running off the roof to the street below and potentially increasing risks of flooding, the vegetation in a sedum roof retains some water and releases it slowly back into the atmosphere.

Delaying water run off during prolonged precipitation is significant in reducing localised flooding.

Green roofs can also help improve air quality by reducing pollution and airborne CO2. In a study conducted by Johnson and Newton in 1996, it is estimated that 4,000 kilograms of particulate matter can be removed by 2,000 square metres of uncut grass covering a green roof, demonstrating the positive long-term impact that a green roof can have on the environment.

The Dryseal GRP Roofing system manufactured by Hambleside Danelaw can easily be finished using a modular sedum system, for example the ANS GrufeKit modular system.

The GrufeKit system comprises easily installed trays of pre-grown sedum plants incorporating wildflowers, resulting in a very positive cost-effective impact on local wildlife and ecosystems.  

Enhanced Thermal Performance 

Green roofs are ideal for cooling and insulating a building, saving on building running costs and offering additional sound insulation. The natural insulation layer of a green roof is also naturally fire resistant due to water retention adding to the wider benefits for the environment.

With temperatures increasing year on year, it is worth noting that during summer months, the sun’s energy will be partially absorbed by sedum plants, lowering the overall temperature of the roof structure itself, the beneficial effects of which are certainly worth considering.

Choosing the Right System 

Green roofs can be installed on either flat or pitched roofing, with flat roofs being more common.  When considering a green roof finish, it is also worth considering which roofing system options can be used below to waterproof the structure.

A green roof requires a strong, durable and light membrane to line it. Striking the right balance between robustness and light weight is key. As long as the membrane is durable, and the roof is properly installed, the roof can last 35+ years.

Dryseal, Hambleside Danelaw’s flat roofing system, being manufactured from GRP is environmentally sound, leaving no chemical residue once completed.  Dryseal is resilient against root growth and is even suitable for use where potable water is present.

The BBA certified system is incredibly durable, with a guarantee to remain leak-free for 20 years, making Dryseal the perfect flat roofing solution to partner with a green roof installation.

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