Hush: New Hushlay options offer acoustic upgrade potential

  • 29 Apr 2024

Leading UK acoustic systems manufacturer Hush Acoustics has introduced two additional variants of its Hushlay Soundmatting product, providing a simple sound insulation solution for floors in projects where the thickness of the floor build-up needs to be kept to a minimum.

Hushlay 15 Soundmatting is a 15mm thick rubber-based panel launched two years ago to provide architects, contractors, self-builders and DIY renovators with an overlay product for adding sound insulation to timber or concrete floors with ease. Despite being a relatively thin product, its unique composition of three layers is very effective at reducing the transmission of both impact noise and airborne noise through the floor, and it can be laid directly under carpets.

The two new options

Now two additional options have been developed with reduced thicknesses – Hushlay 12 Soundmatting and Hushlay 9 Soundmatting – with depths of 12mm and 9mm respectively. These new options make Hushlay Soundmatting a versatile solution because they enable a floor to be acoustically upgraded across a range of different build-up depths. 

Hushlay 15 Soundmatting offers the highest acoustic performance because of the simple fact that its thickness adds the most density to the floor build-up. It has an impact sound rating of 47dB (L’nTw) and an airborne rating of 61dB (DnT,w) when laid over a suitable floor and ceiling structure with all flanking paths removed. 

Hushlay 12 Soundmatting reduces the floor build-up by 3mm whilst still providing a noteworthy acoustic upgrade in many projects. Although it is composed of two layers, rather than three, its impact sound rating of 49 dB (L’nTw) and airborne sound rating of 58 (DnT,w) mean sound reduction benefits can be achieved where the need for reduced floor thickness is the overriding priority.


In projects where there is a requirement to improve acoustic performance of the floor, but there is very little scope to increase the floor depth, Hushlay 9 Soundmatting may tick all the boxes. Despite being just 9mm thick, this acoustic mat is able to make an important difference to levels of impact noise transmission through the floor structure, as well as making a slight improvement to airborne noise, with ratings of 51 dB (L’nTw) for impact sound and 58 (DnT,w) for airborne.


In certain applications where the existing floor construction flexes excessively, it may be necessary to add a stiffening layer, such as Hushlay MDF 6mm, when using any of the Hushlay Soundmatting products.

Deadening sheet

All Hushlay variants feature a high performing 3mm deadening sheet bonded to a frequency tuned resilient layer, providing both a barrier and the mass required to offer high levels of impact and airborne sound reduction through the floor. Hushlay 15 Soundmatting is able to offer its higher performance mainly because it features a second deadening sheet in a sandwich layered design.

This composition delivers acoustic performance that means all three Hush Soundmatting variants can be used in floor constructions which are compatible with the Building Regulations relating to the passage of sound. Subject to an appropriate ceiling system being installed below the floor, the products may enable compliance with Approved Document E (England & Wales), Section 5 (Scotland) or Part G (Northern Ireland).

Hushlay Soundmatting is supplied in 1200mm x 1200mm panels which are easy to handle, cut and install – making the products ideal for DIY’ers. For the best acoustic results, they should be used with Hushlay Soundmatting Perimeter Strip to reduce flanking, Hushlay Soundmatting Adhesive, Hush Timber Sheet where engineered or laminate flooring is being installed and Hush Hi-Tack Jointing Tape.

To find out more about Hushlay Soundmatting and how to incorporate these rubber-based acoustic insulation products into a floor design, visit or call 0114 551 8685.

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