Introducing Contour’s Vertical Anti-Ligature Radiator

  • 9 May 2022

Conventional anti-ligature heating products can take up a lot of space. In environments such as hospitals, prisons, or mental health settings this is only made worse, particularly in those narrow corridors or high traffic areas. Launched as part of Contour’s brand-new product range in 2022, the Vertical DeepClean Extra is the anti-ligature radiator that helps alleviate these issues.  

Vertical Anti-Ligature Radiators  

Vertical LST radiators have been part of the Contour product range for some time, but because these feature standard grilles, they posed a ligature risk.  

This is where Contour’s expertise in anti-ligature heating products comes in.  

Using the design of the Vertical LST, Vertical DeepClean Extra helps significantly reduce the risk of ligature points within your environment. With 2mm holes punched a 4mm centres, hex key locks and sloping top options, the creation of an anchor point is greatly reduced making the environment much safer for service users.  

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A Floor To Ceiling Anti-Ligature Radiator 

Vertical DeepClean radiators can be designed to fit your environment exactly.  

Depending on the pipework layout, ceiling heights or floor design, the radiators allow for greater flexibility when dealing with awkward spaces.  

Uneven floors? There are top collars so your radiator can sit flush with the ceiling.  

Looking for added strength? Struts in the door’s front face help cope with more demanding environments. Particularly beneficial in mental health settings where acts of vandalism may occur. 

Vertical DeepClean Extra provides a radiator for your specific requirements.  

Hygienic Anti-Ligature Radiators 

With BioCote as standard, your vertical anti-ligature radiator will be capable of fighting against the worst possible microbes. The risk of spreading E.coli, MRSA and 99% of others is all but eradicated with BioCote included in the powder coating process.   

Dust and dirt build is also a thing of the past with this DeepClean anti-ligature radiator. With dropdown access like on Contour’s extensive radiator range, cleaning and general maintenance are much quicker and easier to navigate saving you time and money all over.  

Get Your Vertical Anti-Clean Ligature Radiator 

Designed for your specific setting, helping reduce the risk of self-harm and improving overall hygiene seems like a pipedream, but achieving all three has never been easier.  

When space is at a premium, but safety is critical, vertical anti-ligature radiators should be top of your wish list. 

Speak to Contour’s team for more information or download its extensive product brochure where you can view our entire product range. 

Contour can be contacted at;
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Tel: 01952 290 498
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