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  • 22 Jul 2022

Globally, there is a need to improve air quality and the UK government has proposed plans and bans to tackle the issue. For example, the government has already proposed to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2040. 

The Department for Transport in partnership with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) have committed to spend over £2.7 billion investing in improved air quality and cleaner transport. Clean air policies will also affect boating and canals in the medium to longer term – something we may not be so well prepared for! Pop Up Power Supplies has more…

Diesel engines are most commonly used on our inland waterways by boaters, and most boats used as a residence or for recreation are heated by solid fuel stoves. 

Although inland boating only contributes to a small fraction of harmful emissions in the UK, all involved in the industry need to be planning ahead for changes that will limit the use of conventional diesel. Solar power for heating and energy production works reasonably well in the summer months, but these sustainable sources cannot be a comprehensive solution alone. 

The Canal and River Trust, alongside local authorities, are looking the potential for installing more electricity charging points – initially in areas with particularly poor air quality, but ultimately throughout the river network. Boaters will also be expected to consider adapting to a greener future and green mooring will absolutely be a part of the boating future. 

Pop Up Power Supplies

Older or more polluting boats, just like cars will be phased out, as retro fitting electric solutions although a possibility may not be financially feasible. The Canal and River Trust do already offer a boat licence discount to electric boats, and many are embracing the change and converting to solar and battery power. 

The government’s clean maritime plan states that by 2025 there must be a structure in place to ensure all vessels are able to meet zero emission by 2050. Electric engines, solar panels and wind turbines will be a common site along our inland waterways. 

The demand for electrically propelled boats is growing and several boat-building companies are now offering solely electric boats and a hybrid version. In fact, there are many companies in the marine industry now concentrating on investment in battery technology. 

Whilst there is obviously a long way to go, we will need to see improvements in both technology and costs if we are as a nation to embrace this change. However, our future will be and has to be greener in all transport methods, and boats are no exception!

To assist in this shift to electric, Pop Up Power Supplies® offers a range of power bollards that are suitable for use alongside canals and waterways. Each bollard provides a reliable and efficient power supply in conjunction with water connection points. The stainless steel bollards are practical in their use, stylish to enhance the canal and surrounding area but also practical and safe. 

Each stainless steel bollard can provide between 220 and 400 volts with 125A of power. Additional equipment is also available, and each bollard can be configured to suit a particular project or waterway site.

Pop Up Power Supplies® power bollards are available in three standard diameters – 250mm, 325mm and 500mm. They can also be painted in any RAL colours to suit the location and four styles of tops are available – the Parc Paris, Domed top, Sloping and button top. 

These high quality units from Pop Up Power Supplies® are already installed in numerous locations nationwide, demonstrating their effectiveness at providing reliable and safe power to inland waterways. 

Power bollards are one of the three outdoor power solutions available from Pop Up Power Supplies®. The company also provides a range of retractable service units and in-ground power units which can be configured to meet the requirements of bespoke outdoor spaces to offer on-demand electricity and water connection points. 

To discuss how the range from Pop Up Power Supplies® can transform the potential of any outdoor area, please contact us or call 020 8227 0208.

Find out more at www.popuppower.co.uk

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