Safeguard basement projects with the Drybase Tanking Range

  • 11 Aug 2023

Safeguard‘s Drybase Tanking Range consists of premium cement-based waterproofing solutions. These high-performance products offer BBA-approved waterproofing options for projects of varying scales. Whether it’s a small residential basement or a large commercial tunnel system, the Drybase range can handle it.


Explore the Drybase Tanking Range

Drybase Tanking Slurry

A premium cementitious waterproofing slurry designed for versatile damp-proofing and effective basement tanking applications on both concrete and masonry surfaces.

Drybase Crystalline Active Tanking Slurry

An active waterproofer in a single-coat formulation, offering excellent coverage per kilogram for direct usage on concrete walls and floors.

Drybase Universal Mortar

This high-density and abrasion-resistant waterproofing slurry is ideal for various tasks, such as small one-coat tanking projects, joint filleting, or extensive spray-applied applications.

Drybase Elasticiser & EL2

An innovative liquid polymer that, when combined with Drybase Tanking Slurry, creates Drybase Elasticised Tanking Slurry. This specialised mixture enhances elasticity and crack-bridging abilities, successfully tested for up to seven bars of pressure. Drybase EL2 also provides elasticity and crack-bridging for concrete and masonry structures in less demanding areas.

Drybase Waterproof Plug

A ready-to-use cementitious compound with rapid setting properties, tailored for promptly sealing active water leaks. Application involves pressing the mixed compound into the affected crack or hole using a trowel. Within just 30 seconds, Drybase Waterproof Plug seals the leak.

Use Drybase tanking materials when using Safeguard basement waterproofing specifications. When it’s time for finishing, Drybase materials seamlessly complement the application of Drybase Flex Membrane and Dryzone Renovation Plasters.



To get to grips with Basement Waterproofing, join Safeguard Europe Technical Manager Damian Wallis on 29th August 2023 for Waterproofing Basements and Underground Structures – a free CPD Webinar. This webinar is approved by the Royal Institute of British Architects.

Safeguard tanking materials and basement specifications fulfil the requirements for below-ground waterproofing systems as given in BS 8102:2022 ‘Code of practice for protection of below-ground structures against water from the ground’.

A waterproofing design specialist with a CSSW qualification should always be consulted at the design stage. Please contact our technical department on 01403 602147 or email [email protected] with your queries.


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