Wetherby Building Systems

Wetherby Building Systems


The construction industry is going through some very significant changes. Specifiers and contractors are embracing new construction techniques to help meet the escalating daily challenges they face such as controlling costs, abiding by stringent new regulations and reducing levels of skilled labour.

Wetherby has been at the forefront of developing INSULATED RENDER SYSTEMS to compliment these new building techniques for many years and customers are gradually realising that by using an external wall insulation system as part of their construction method, they can significantly alleviate a number of typical design headaches.

Wetherby Insulated Render systems offer the following design benefits:-

  1. They offer the flexibility to meet any thermal requirement which will help to improve the overall energy efficiency of the building
  2. By installing the insulation on the outside, the internal building footprint is increased, improving build cost per m2
  3. Acoustic performance is improved
  4. Skill shortages within the construction industry can be overcome
  5. Sustainable / recyclable materials can be used.

Wetherby’s material portfolio consists of a wide range of EST/OFGEM approved insulated render systems, polymer cement renders, silicone and acrylic thin coat renders, brick slip systems and GRP canopies.

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