13 July 2022

Multi-Turn: Bespoke Staircases – Three Things to Consider

Something you may not know: every staircase is bespoke. In this post, Multi-Turn unpicks what it means to be ‘bespoke’ and what things you ought to consider when specifying a staircase.

IG Lintels

06 October 2021

Contour: Can You Buy Bespoke LST Radiators?

When installing low surface temperature radiators and covers, it’s important to ensure they are the right size for not just the wall they are being fitted to, but also for the room as a whole. Contour explore this further…

Glazing Vision
Glazing Vision
Glazing Vision

12 October 2020

Glazing Vision rooflights create seamless transition between indoors and outdoors in contemporary home

The use of two large Glazing Vision bespoke rooflights seamlessly integrate into a Derbyshire family home, providing the focal point required to unlock beautiful views and a stunning contemporary kitchen.


11 May 2020

The Complete Package with PSP Group

PSP Group’s chairman Heath Hindmarch explains why it has made a vast investment to provide a single point of procurement for the entire building envelope.