Contour Heating

13 August 2019

How many LST radiators do you need?

Contour discusses getting the right number of LST radiators to meet the temperature requirements based on the size of the environment available.

SBH Radiators

14 May 2019

The lowdown on SBH Radiators extending its warranty

SBH Radiators 2016 Limited are specialists in hand making stainless steel radiators. The designs which feature in bathrooms, kitchens and living spaces, are true works of art.

20 February 2019

How to clean behind LST radiators

The back of LST radiators – warm, dark spaces – are the ideal place for bacteria to grow and thrive. Contour discusses the best way to clean behind them.

02 November 2018

Eight reasons why radiator covers are a good idea

Deciding whether to invest in radiator covers? Contour gives eight reasons why radiator covers make a great addition to any healthcare or educational space.