23 November 2020

Clyde Radiators launches new website

Clyde Radiators, specialist in bespoke heating solutions, has relaunched its website to make it simpler than ever for customers to obtain quotes and specifications for any residential or commercial project.

Contour Heating

18 November 2020

What LST Radiator Valve Options are Suitable for Hospital Environments – Contour

Contour often get asked questions about radiator valves and which is best suited for specific environments; this piece sees the company talk through the best valve options for hospital environments. 

Contour Heating
Contour Heating

20 October 2020

Top five reasons to choose Contour radiator covers for hospitals

This article looks at five key reasons for choosing Contour, UK innovation leaders for LST radiators, anti-ligature radiators and the radiator cover market, when refurbishing your healthcare environment.

Contour Heating

19 October 2020

Selecting LST Radiator Guards for Hospitals – Contour

Contour understands the challenges that hospitals are faced with when looking for LST radiators, Anti-ligature radiators and the radiator covers, with the priority being the safety and wellbeing of patients by creating an environment they feel comfortable in.


14 October 2020

Contour ask where LST Radiators should be located?

LST radiator guards are the part of the radiator responsible for ensuring individuals cannot burn themselves if they decide to or accidentally touch the radiator for any reason – Contour explain more here.  Despite their level of safety, it is important LST radiators are placed in an optimal location in order to provide the highest comfort levels. If[…]


13 October 2020

Wall-to-wall LST Radiators: Is this possible? Contour asks

When it comes to the heating needs of your space, it is possible wall to wall LST radiators may offer the best solutions and benefits, as Contour explain here…


12 October 2020

Five ways LST Radiators can help improve school attendance – Contour

Low surface temperature, or LST radiators, have long been considered a safe heating solution, especially in places that are either populated by heavy traffic, or in environments used by those most vulnerable, Contour explain… LST radiators for schools have become one of the more popular environments – but not just for safety reasons, as they offer other[…]

Contour Heating
Contour Heating