05 February 2024

DensDeck: Solar Panel Roofing for Mission Critical Buildings

The risk of solar panel roof related fire on mission-critical buildings can be mitigated by first understanding the root causes of outbreaks of fire and then adopting an appropriate strategy to minimise the frequency of such events occurring. DensDeck has more…

Hambleside Danelaw

30 January 2024

Innovation strikes again at Hambleside Danelaw

Hambleside Danelaw announces its new state of the art lead alternative GRP Roll Top Ridge and Hip Systems – SwiftRidg™ and SwiftRidg™+. 

Rooflight Association
Glidevale Protect
Hambleside Danelaw

11 December 2023

Hambleside Danelaw just made it easier to find a profile

Zenon are thrilled to announce their new Profile Finder Tool! This tool provides a database of wall and roof sheet profiles. Follow the guidance given to search for your desired profile using the required dimensions.


06 November 2023

Export positivity as market turns increasingly global for EJOT Colorfast

An innovative roofing and cladding fastener developed by EJOT in the UK more than 30 years ago, and now on its third generation, is becoming increasingly popular with contractors around the world.