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The GRO and Dryseal® – Hambleside Danelaw explores…

  • 20 Jun 2023

What is the GRO and why should you choose a green roof waterproofed with Dryseal®? Hambleside Danelaw answer these questions…


The Green Roof Organisation (GRO) represents companies, organisations and people who are involved or interested in nature-based roof solutions which can help our towns and cities adapt to the effects of climate change, whilst making them better healthier places to live.

GRO members positively contribute to the delivery of living green roofs that support nature, provide amenity, attenuate rainwater and generate solar energy, helping to ensure that no roof goes unused.

Green roofs have repeatedly been shown to improve air quality in cities. Planners and Councils alike are beginning to use sedum roofs and extensive planting to improve air purification, reduce carbon dioxide, and increase oxygen in the atmosphere. Green roofs make a significant contribution to reducing polluting air particles and compounds not only through the plants themselves, but also through the basic growing medium.


The waterproofing membrane itself must also be considered when thinking as being significant in the overall environmental picture. The Dryseal® GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) waterproofing system is an inert material that can be used with ‘grey’ water harvesting systems and potable water leaving no residual ‘noxious nasties’.

Once fully installed and whilst the roof is in service, Dryseal® cannot release any pollutants or chemicals. Benefitting from BBA zero-falls accreditation, the unique method of manufacture, component chemicals and long-term environmental impact of the membrane itself are equally as significant as the benefits of a bio-diverse ‘green’ roof.

Hambleside Danelaw

Green roofs are ideal to help improve cooling and insulating a building thus saving on running costs and naturally helping to improve sound insulation. The in-built sound insulation of the sedum layer is also naturally fire resistant due to water retention and, alongside the wider environmental benefits, offers exceptional aesthetic value to the homeowner.

A green roof requires a strong, durable, light weight membrane to line it, striking the right balance between robustness and flexibility. A Dryseal® waterproofed green roof can enable a building to integrate with its surroundings, encouraging biodiversity and offering wildlife a slice of paradise.

Rather than disturbing the environment, green roof covered buildings in commercial and rural settings work to improve it. Correctly installed, a Dryseal® waterproofed green roof can last 35+ years. 

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