Vandersanden’s Vision for Future at ‘Together to Zero’ Event

  • 4 Oct 2022

Brick manufacturer Vandersanden welcomed architects and specifiers to EH Smith Architectural Solutions in London, to share their joint ambitions to achieve a more sustainable industry and to preview the next generation of sustainable building materials including new carbon negative bricks.

During an evening of collaboration and networking, London architects gathered to learn about Vandersanden’s ambitious vision for a more sustainable construction industry. This was at the brand’s very first ‘Together to Zero’ event.

The company is committed to developing sustainable products, manufacturing processes and services which have a limited impact on the environment. The event was an opportunity to share some of their latest innovations and demonstrate how Vandersanden is on the right track towards CO2-neutrality.

Darren White, Country Director, Vandersanden, says: “This event demonstrated our collective passion and commitment to sustainability and helped us to define new goals for the future. We were very proud to preview our new carbon negative bricks along with many other exciting innovations and developments.”


Expert Talks

A lively talks programme aimed to share insights on Vandersanden’s latest products, innovative production processes and new solutions that are initiating an energy transition in the brick industry.

Presentations from Vandersanden’s team of experts included a talk on ‘Natural materials to shape our environment’ by Mathew Davies, National Specification Manager. This engaging talk explored the limitless creative possibilities of designing with bricks in…

– colours

– structures

– patterns

– limitless ideas and inspirations

A talk from Darren White followed, which introduced Vandersanden’s vision for the future and their focus on sustainable solutions.

This gave the audience an opportunity to learn about…

– Innovation and Sustainability as key drivers for change

– Robotisation and prefabrication… pros and cons

– Examples of early adopters in the transition to a greener industry

The final presentation was packed with more informative content and explored ideas on CO2 reduction in the brick manufacturing sector.


This highlighted key topics such as…

– From traditional bricks to slimmer 75mm bricks

– The brick slips and prefab solutions that are conquering the UK from Europe

– The significant next generation building materials; this included a preview of new carbon negative bricks

Knowledge Sharing

Guests were able to explore a range of Vandersanden’s products and talk direct with the brand’s team of brick experts, specification managers and technical staff. They were on hand for any questions.

Darren White concludes: “It was great to see such an engaged group of architects, networking and sharing knowledge – all of us keen to learn more about how we can all collaborate on creating a more sustainable future for the building industry.”

For more information about Vandersanden, visit the website here.

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