Vandersanden UK is a brick manufacturer renowned for its innovation, sustainability and craftmanship. The company produces a vast array of high-quality bricks, brick slips and brick solutions in different finishes and colours, ranging from reds and browns, to greys, creams and buffs that will inspire and enable the design and construction of beautiful buildings. All Vandersanden bricks meet the EN771-1 standards as well as F2/S2 ratings for durability.

As a company, Vandersanden is focused on sustainable manufacturing and all its brick factories are certified to ISO 14001, the recognised standard for environmental management. The bricks are made from completely natural elements including clay, sand and water and 100% of the raw material is turned into a brick. It means the production efficiency is 100% and allows for zero waste.

Customers are at the heart of everything Vandersanden does and its aim is to build longstanding, collaborative relationships with its customers to truly understand their requirements. Its goal is to be the benchmark in innovation, environmental sustainability, society and towards its employees.