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27 July 2015

Air conditioning systems discounted for anniversary celebrations

By using Space Air’s online purchasing system, customers can benefit from a 2.5% discount throughout August. Meanwhile, customers already using the service can enjoy an extra 5% discount when payment for selected Daikin goods is made online using PayPal, Visa, MasterCard or Amex. Online purchasing Space Air’s online facility has been designed to offer an[…]

  • 27 July 2015

13 July 2015

Replacement air conditioning systems for London landmark building

Based in London’s prime business location, 330 Holborn Gate has been closely associated with the legal profession for hundreds of years. The glass-fronted office building, which is renowned as a landmark, has recently undergone a major refurbishment. Space Air was asked to contribute to the renovation project; the company was specified to supply the installation[…]

  • 13 July 2015

02 June 2015

Software Europe overhaul HQ with Mitsubishi Electric package

The company used MELFinance to avoid burdening its cash flow with the up-front cost of the project. Software Europe was the first £100k plus project financed by MELFinance. MELFinance has been operating since January 2014. The scheme bundles costs into a 5-year heating, cooling and ventilation finance package with repayments structured over a 3, 4[…]

  • 02 June 2015

07 May 2015

Thermal wheel technology is an energy efficient solution

In the current climate of stringent building regulations, ever-tightening standards in building service provisions and the ever-increasing pressure on environmental issues; Thermal wheel technology may never have been of greater significance. Thermal wheels are now being used as a leading component in support of the trend to use heat recovery as a route to energy[…]

  • 07 May 2015

07 May 2015

Appropriate commissioning can boost energy efficiency

HVAC commissioning is the process of evaluating system performance and identifying repairs. It includes bringing the systems into operation, their regulation, the setting up of associated control systems, and the recording of the final settings and the overall state of the final system performance. Simon Garratt, Marketing Manager at AmbiRad, believes HVAC systems to be[…]

  • 07 May 2015