20 July 2023

EJOT strengthens UK sales engineer support with dual appointment

Leading fastener manufacturer EJOT welcomes two new faces to its UK technical sales team, with the appointment of Lauren Winn and Zack Outhwaite.

24 May 2023

Stannah: Lift or elevator? The history and origin

British, Australians, Irish, New Zealanders and South Africans use the word ‘lift’. But Americans and Canadians use the term ‘elevator’. Why is this? And what’s the lift’s history? Stannah explore…

Mitsubishi Electric

10 November 2022

Senior gears up with Winkhaus aluPilot in a UK first

Senior Architectural Systems has teamed up with leading global hardware manufacturer Winkhaus to bring the benefits of the aluPilot gearing system to the UK market.