IG Lintels

IG Lintels

Founded in 1958, IG Lintels is a division of the UK and Ireland’s largest manufacturer of steel lintels. The major activity of IG Lintels is the design, development, manufacture and supply of standard and custom made steel lintels. IG’s extended range of building components includes Brick Slip Feature Lintels, Steel Support Systems, Windposts and Cavity Trays.

The company operates from three major depots. The headquarters and place of origin, remains in Cwmbran, South Wales. IG also has large manufacturing facilities in Swadlincote, South Derbyshire and Cookstown, Co. Tyrone.

IG invented the original open back lintel in 1967, which has now become the industry standard. Our lintels are engineered to be the most structurally and thermally efficient lintels available. They are widely specified and used throughout Europe on commercial, industrial, residential and institutional project.

IG innovated the lintel industry with the creation of the Hi-therm+ range of thermally efficient lintels. This patented design uniquely combines the low thermal transmission properties of a rigid polymer with the structural strength of steel producing a lintel, which practically eliminates cold bridging and delivers important Co2 savings within SAP, enabling compliance with regulations. For example, in a comparative case study for a house type, using Hi-therm+ would incur less than 20% of the cost of increasing the cavity width by 50mm for the same saving in Co².

IG Lintels product offering includes:

  • Standard galvanised and stainless steel lintels
  • Special lintels
  • Sun Lounge Lintels
  • Brick Feature Lintels
  • Hi-therm+ Lintels
  • Masonry Support & Windpost systems
  • Cavity Trays

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