12 September 2022

Encon Construction Products launches first edition Product Guide

Encon Construction Products, a specialist division of The Encon Group, continues to invest in growth with the launch of its first edition Product Guide.


05 June 2019

Simple orientation mark enhances classic Ancon serrated washer design

Ancon has made a simple improvement to one of its smallest, but most utilised, stainless steel building components to benefit installers of its masonry support systems.


31 October 2018

Ancon further enhances its Shearfix stud-rail calculation program

Ancon has released an enhanced version of its popular Shearfix design software that enables engineers to maintain a flat concrete slab at column heads.


23 July 2018

Ancon launches improved IHR Head Restraint

ANCON has re-engineered its IHR internal head restraint to accommodate gaps at the wall head of up to 75mm, extending the previous maximum of 50mm.